Europe ’98 – Day 1

It’s unclear which is the front and which is the back of this book. That’s not a bad thing. This is the beginning of a dream coming true. It’s 6:45pm Houston time and we’re flying into tomorrow, literally. Whatever that means. I think the guy next to me is sloshed. Twice he’s tried to upright his seat using my button, […]

That game called “hot dog”

Mayumi is so funny. Today we were talking about a game where the teacher tosses a ball to a student, the student thinks of a question, says it, and throws it to the teacher, the teacher throws it to a student, etc… Mayumi said, “Oh, I know that game. We call it … hot…hot dog.” I said, “…hot…potato?” “Oh, yes. […]

Announcer personas

When you were here did we make fun of train announcements? For example, usually on the Kintetsu Line from Osaka to Nara, the Martian from Bugs Bunny cartoons makes the announcements. On Sunday from Motomachi to Ashiya, Oscar the Grouch made the announcements. This morning from Sanda to Sannomiya a game show host made the announcements. Right now, going toward […]

Koresh, “airhead” and “tantalizer”

…I saw the Koresh stuff on TV yesterday but I didn’t understand what had happened until I read my paper this morning. Unbelievable! It made me so sad. The paper also said Clinton’s taking heat for it. There was a picture of Al Gore Gaping during the holocaust ceremony in Warsaw. He doesn’t ever close his mouth, does he? I […]

Fast food in Japan

March 5, 1993 … I even had time to try Mos Burger. Wasn’t bad. It may become my Sunday dinner place. The fried chicken is much better than KFC. I can’t feel my arteries clogging. I even got a nifty paper bag which reads, Dear Everybody To find a shop which serves the best hamburgers in town, isn’t too difficult. […]

3rd Floor Tome

One day we realized we’d be graduating soon and our stories would be forgotten. So we took it upon ourselves to write our history. We came up with 93 story titles. Then we got bored and forgot all about it. It’s been so long I no longer remember the stories. The Codex of Loftily Pithy Endeavours, including the Tale of […]

I Do Doodle