A Hint of TARDIS

I worried that my Minime’s dress would not read as the Audrey Hepburn vision I pictured in comparison to the strapless/corseted/sequined/tulle confections that kept popping up online. Would people understand?

Thrift Therapy

She got called “Lil’ Feller” a lot but I didn’t care about gender confusion. I cared more about being able to grab her by the straps quickly to prevent her from running away, falling, climbing too high, crawling into a mine, and approaching wild beasts.

hoops and dreams

I’ve been experimenting with the timer-interval on my camera for my Rêveur self-portraits but I am usually in a hurry so framing is a challenge. This month it looks like the background to a public service announcement, or an internet meme. Any suggestions?

Tee me, Game of Thrones

Entertainment Weekly is offering a Game of Thrones t-shirt if I renew my subscription. I’ve only just watch Season 1 so Targaryen has a slight lead over Stark. With all the snow on the ground today, however, I’m in a “Winter is Coming” kind of mood. Mike has read the books but I haven’t so I have to watch while […]