…and they’re off!

Minimike’s braces are off. Welcome back, gum, apples, and other chewy foods. Let the celebration begin! This is “celebration” face, in case you didn’t recognize it. It’s awfully close to “please don’t take my picture” face.  


Here’s what we’ve been up to. I have a couple of drafts going on some of these but in the likelihood I never get around to finishing them I’ll just summarize them here.

Cosplay and the Giant Dorito

This took a couple of months of planning, and while there are more traditional mother-daughter bonding activities, this was a great opportunity for me to see what she’s into, and realize how very far out of touch I am with youth culture.


Bella is very patient and optimistic that something good will happen if she cooperates with the bizarre manipulations and contortions required to put on a dog sweater.

Review: Mad About the Boy

If Bridget Jones were a real girl we’d be such good friends. We’d entertain each other with stories about stupid things we said that day and we’d commiserate over egomaniacal bosses and smug faux friends and Vile Richards.