Ferret Chase

Wouldn’t “Ferret Chase” be a good name for a historical romance character? For instance, the cute and mischievous best friend of the aloof love interest? The creator of farcical situations by which our two meet-cutes are forced to admit their feelings for each other? As it stands, Ferret Chase is what I call a recent encounter with a nocturnal creature. […]

2018 Recap II

July – When Mike and Minimike were in The Who’s Tommy in 2014 I made a Union Jack jacket based on the one that Alexander McQueen made for David Bowie in 1996. The jacket’s permanent home is at the Victoria & Albert in London but that year the jacket was on its US tour and I was debating driving to […]

2018 Recap

Back to it, y’all! (As if almost three years haven’t passed since my last post) January – After all these years of temp work and long commutes and staring at my computer I finally landed a job 1) close to home 2) in my field 3) at a healthy work environment 4) with great people.  February – I launched my first […]

I Do Doodle