Can I be real a second? In 2021 I will remind myself daily that there’s nothing admirable about telling myself and others that I feel stressed, old, overweight, and exhausted. In other words, tearing myself down for fear that someone else already has that opinion of me. Or glamorizing overwork and fatigue to display that my work is so important […]

Sweet routine

This morning when I took Buffy on her walk a garbage truck about half a block ahead of us honked its horn. I didn’t see any cars around but when we approached the house where the truck honked there was a little boy in his mother’s arms looking excitedly out the window. He was excited to see Buffy too but […]

happy nuu-nuu!

I need to be able to think out loud, not just craft my online persona, and I need to stop associating the value of my thoughts with likes and shares.


Here’s what we’ve been up to. I have a couple of drafts going on some of these but in the likelihood I never get around to finishing them I’ll just summarize them here.

I Do Doodle