2018 Recap II

July – When Mike and Minimike were in The Who’s Tommy in 2014 I made a Union Jack jacket based on the one that Alexander McQueen made for David Bowie in 1996. The jacket’s permanent home is at the Victoria & Albert in London but that year the jacket was on its US tour and I was debating driving to […]

A Hint of TARDIS

I worried that my Minime’s dress would not read as the Audrey Hepburn vision I pictured in comparison to the strapless/corseted/sequined/tulle confections that kept popping up online. Would people understand?

Did the Titanic get cable?

Minime has been on a classic movies tear lately because she had been hearing references to old movies from her friends and on TV. Of course I’m talking about such classics as Jurassic Park, ET, and Titanic. Feel old yet?

Dating the salsa

No, that’s not code for my finding a Latino paramour while Mike and the kids have been gone. It’s my uncanny inability to finish a jar of salsa. I would always rather get a new jar than figure out how old the salsa in the fridge is. Every time that happens I tell myself to just write the date it […]

Meet my Department Chair, David Duchovny

I had a dream that I had an interview for graduate school and the department chair was David Duchovny. He was with some of his students and the weather was beautiful so we were all wandering around campus and chatting and getting along really well. They asked me to go to lunch with them and I’d already made plans with […]

I Do Doodle