Fluff and Innards

Fluff and Innards

What the bananas is “I do doodle?”

It’s not actually a site about doodling, though it contains some doodling.”I do doodle” is a line from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Willow, 3.11 “Gingerbread”)

I used to get the occasional international visitor who was probably disappointed to find out that this site has nothing to do with “Lalaine” the actress. Sorry. This is just another mundane friends and family site.


  • I have a weakness for thrift stores and office supplies.
  • I’ve kept a dream journal since I was 18.
  • I embrace my incredibly boring and overly practical fashion sense.
  • In my past life I was a museum educator, then a tech writer.
  • Nowadays I study and study. I used to study Early Modern Japanese Art but then I switched to Early Modern Manila. (Very red phone-ish, no?)


My goal this year (2010) is from Ephesians 5, which says, among other things,

Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth).

Cast and Crew

Besides me, there’s

Mike Minime Minimike
Mike Minime Minimike

as well as a host of titos, titas, Grandmommy, and other friends and family.


That’s all I can give out for now. The rest you’ll have to discover in the bloggage or by contacting me. Thanks for visiting!

I Do Doodle