Happy NuuNuu!

Thanks to Jennifer, who provided Minimike with the Party Status Tiara, which Minimike promptly set to “Call Me a Cab” (click on picture to enlarge inset). I should clarify that Minimike was not too inebriated to drive home on New Year’s Eve, she just really likes taxis. The New York kind, natch. She’s like our own little Sarah Jessica Parker.

Happy NuuNuu!

I don’t remember which one, but one of the Minis used to wish everyone “Happy NuuNuu.” (I’m sure it’s written down somewhere in my pile of journals.) I asked the family if they have any goals for 2008. Minimike wants to grow big enough to be a cheerleader. Minime wants to write and illustrate some books, and learn to play […]

goodreads ambush

For those of you on my goodreads list, sorry about the deluge of book updates. I keep forgetting to uncheck the “update my feed” button. I’ve been trying to complete a reflection list for 2009. I know, I know, I hate these things and all their navel-gazing, self-absorbed kind! However, I’m feeling relaxed and reflective today and if the answers […]

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