That is a much better than the Allergy Table that they had at Minimike’s elementary school. If you had an allergy and couldn’t eat with other kids you could ask someone to sit with you. You can’t imagine the tears of anger (mine) and dejection (hers).

Parenting tips from an eagle

You guys. I have been watching the live feed of a bald eagle nest all week and one of the babies finally made it out and I want to weep from exhaustion. The mom is just resituating herself and Baby is chirping in protest. Look at that little face. Look at Mom’s face. It makes me wonder if this is […]

Don’t startle Lola while she’s driving

One of the northern things I have never gotten used to is cleaning ice and snow off my car. Some mornings Mike will defrost the car for me because he knows I won’t remember and will cut it too close to get to work on time. This morning I was driving up the highway and passed a car that was […]

picky mantel

Except for Christmas, seasonal decorating has been a pretty low priority. But I see that people are reluctant to defrock their houses. For good reason. We’re heading into the most miserable months of the year, plus a pandemic. I decided to put a little more effort into decorating for January/February. I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, judging by […]


Can I be real a second? In 2021 I will remind myself daily that there’s nothing admirable about telling myself and others that I feel stressed, old, overweight, and exhausted. In other words, tearing myself down for fear that someone else already has that opinion of me. Or glamorizing overwork and fatigue to display that my work is so important […]

Sweet routine

This morning when I took Buffy on her walk a garbage truck about half a block ahead of us honked its horn. I didn’t see any cars around but when we approached the house where the truck honked there was a little boy in his mother’s arms looking excitedly out the window. He was excited to see Buffy too but […]

I Do Doodle