Ferret Update

Ferret Update

You guys. I need to update you on the ferret from November. (https://idodoodle.com/2020/12/28/ferret-chase/)

I read a post from a girl in the neighborhood who was missing her pet ferret so I sent her the photos I took and she said it was definitely him and he’s still missing! I am so heartbroken for her. Her neighbors told her escaped through the dryer vent. They are such clever animals.

He hasn’t shown himself since last November so I hope he found someplace warm to spend the winter.

As I’m updating this blog I’m going back and reading some of my old stories – applying tags and categories. So if you’re sad about the ferret (I am sure he is fine and is being well cared for by G-d our father who loves all his creation – please don’t be sad), read this. It’s been making me laugh all week.

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