Don’t startle Lola while she’s driving

Don’t startle Lola while she’s driving

One of the northern things I have never gotten used to is cleaning ice and snow off my car. Some mornings Mike will defrost the car for me because he knows I won’t remember and will cut it too close to get to work on time.

This morning I was driving up the highway and passed a car that was going really slow. Some mornings this really irritates me. Other mornings I think that that is someone’s mother or father just trying to be careful. My mother still drives, for example. And while she avoids highways she is mindful of the speed limit. I don’t want someone zipping around her while she drives.

At that point I heard a light “thump” and looked out my rearview mirror to see little chunks of icy snow slide down the rear window. I resisted the strong impulse to sweep it off with the rear wiper. I imagined the lola behind me freaking out and driving off the road if a chunk of ice came flying at them. I switched lanes but was still afraid to drive too fast because more ice was starting to slide from my roof down the window. At this point I was so embarrassed. “What must they think of me?” I lamented silently. As if I had torn a hole in the backside of my pants and people were “tsk-tsk”-ing at me.

I thought I would wait until I got to a light so I could gently nudge the ice off my back window but wouldn’t you know, of all mornings, this was the morning that all of the lights timed perfectly so that I wouldn’t have to stop?

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