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Sweet routine

Sweet routine

This morning when I took Buffy on her walk a garbage truck about half a block ahead of us honked its horn. I didn’t see any cars around but when we approached the house where the truck honked there was a little boy in his mother’s arms looking excitedly out the window. He was excited to see Buffy too but we probably rank slightly below the garbage truck.

So now I imagine this driver’s routine. He probably knows the houses where little kids are waiting to see the truck and he knows which houses to blow the horn at and it is the cutest most life affirming thing. Maybe worth a letter to the editor. I mean, this carried me through a highly emotionally charged day of work politics and American politics.

The minis were not particularly interested in the street traffic. Minimike did enjoy the Schwan’s amazing freezer truck and I would have liked to have deliveries when we were homebound last summer but I was honestly afraid to spend any money on anything at the beginning of the pandemic.

At any rate it does my heart good to see these tiny random acts of kindness.

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