2018 Recap II

2018 Recap II

July – When Mike and Minimike were in The Who’s Tommy in 2014 I made a Union Jack jacket based on the one that Alexander McQueen made for David Bowie in 1996.

Original photography for the Earthling album cover, 1997. Photograph by Frank W Ockenfels 3. © Frank W Ockenfels 3

The jacket’s permanent home is at the Victoria & Albert in London but that year the jacket was on its US tour and I was debating driving to Chicago to see it but alas. So in 2018 when the David Bowie Is exhibition came to the Brooklyn Museum, you know we had to go. Photos weren’t allowed in the exhibition but it was almost spiritual to see in person, finally.

Mike in my DIY Union Jack jacket
These three at the Brooklyn Museum

August – We dropped off Minime at University and I started teaching at my new job, for real.

September – I had a little day of reckoning as I loaded up all my books to return to the library. I was out of time to write and I resolved that the more I cleared out of my life from that era, the more motivated I would be to finally finish. All of the chapters were written. I just needed to write an introduction and conclusion. And even then I wasn’t 100% sure I could finish. I just knew I was done either way. I was afraid to tell anyone outside of my family and co-workers that I was this close to finishing, just in case I fell short. But I was so grateful for a job that had this really nice heavy duty convertible dolly for me to use because it was an uncharacteristically hot day in Binghamton and I had only so much energy to haul books around campus.

October – I applied to a conference in Albuquerque hoping I could make a side trip to visit Allie, and it worked out really well.

November – We spent Thanksgiving at an AirBnB near Minime. We took our Christmas card photos at the Cathedral of Learning, which always involves a lot of Waiting for Photo while I remember how to set the camera.

December – We pre-celebrated Lola’s 80th birthday by all meeting up in Florida.

And that was 2018. As I write this it’s almost the end of 2019. We’ve been busy but we had a lot to celebrate after some rather shaky times.

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