Casting for podcasts

Casting for podcasts

February went by so fast. With the exception of a few days, the weather has been very accommodating to the commute. The only thing good about driving in bad weather is that I’m alert the whole time. When the weather is fair I have to find away to stay alert. Here’s what I’m listening to now.

Extra Hot Great: Beverly Hills 90210

This is by far my favorite. This podast is by the same gals that founded TelevisionWithoutPity. I have one of their books, “Hey, It’s That Guy!” which is an homage to character actors who have such prolific careers that you know who they are without knowing who they are.

Anyway, they hate-watch BH90210 and record it and it’s hilarious. I’ve been listening to it so much I’m starting to talk like them. I use the phrase, “for no good reason” far too often these days. The best thing ever is that they have accompanying visual aids on and not only do they point out the hilarious bad fashion of the early 90’s, e.g. “jorts diaper,” but they screen cap every time the boom mike is visible.

And of course it has sentimental value. Mike recapped all of season three for me when I lived in Japan, and he sent me a VHS tape of the two-hour high school graduation episode. He didn’t even like the show. It’s amazing how Mike had the same take as Tara/Sarah. He was the original hate-watcher.

Mike's 90210 recap S03EP11
Mike’s 90210 recap S03EP11

Features: Episode MVP, Episode LVP; 5 reasons why Dylan is “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know;” 5 ways Brandon almost died

Up Yours, Downstairs

Great, great format. It’s a play-by-play of each episode. It’s run by married couple Tom and Kelly. My sister recommended this one because I declared myself “done” after season 3. After that I listened without watching. I’m still not sure I’ve ever seen season 4. For season 5 I listened first and then watched. For season 6 I watched and then listened.

Tom and Kelly share my frustration with Tom Branson and my love for Mrs. Hughes. I laugh when Kelly laughs, and I cry when Kelly cries. The historical background stories are well done (mostly Wiki-sourced but that is still more work than I’m willing to do.)

The only drawback is that some of the episodes are ridiculously long. The final episode of season 6 was about 2 1/2 hours.

Features: Fashion Backwards, Tom Repeats History, The Maggie Smith Award of Maggie Smiths, The Gibson Girl Award, The Backie, Cutest Baby

Manager Tools/Career tools

I found this podcast on a bad day when I googled, “Assume Positive Intent.” Since then I’ve listened to probably close to a hundred episodes. The advice on participating in meetings, relationships with co-workers, managing your network, etc… has changed the way I work for the better. It’s well-organized and features four different presenters so you get a balance of personalities. For a while i was a hard-core evangelist for this podcast but I’ve since calmed down about it because my co-workers got tired of me introducing every sentence with, “This morning I heard on my podcast…”

Coffee Break Spanish

The only way to learn a language is to learn a language, and rote vocabulary lists and conjugations are useless. Memorizing touristy phrases is helpful right before you travel, but in reality, “Does your hotel put mints on the pillows?” has limited applications. This podcast has a brief skit followed by a question-answer section where the moderator helps you develop the answer.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

The mothership of NPR shows for me. I don’t know as many answers anymore since I’ve forgone news in favor of Extra Hot Great BH90210 but I’ll return to form eventually since I only care about the Shannen Doherty era.

Ask Me Another

Some of the games are pretty silly but Jonathan Coulton is amazing and hilarious.


Season 1 was riveting – it examined a 14-year old case of a high school student convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. Season 2 is about Bowe Bergdahl and can’t say I recommend it. Sarah Koenig is a great storyteller and I’ll stick with Serial for her but the protagonist isn’t likable at all.