Happy NuuNuu!

Happy NuuNuu!

It’s time to take down the tree, but since we put up the plastic tree this year I don’t feel bad about letting it go a little longer so I can renew our Happy NuuNuu greetings tradition.

2015 brought a lot of changes. I started a new job and have a long commute, so Mike has picked up the domestic duties. It’s a challenge to coordinate schedules and get sufficient rest. But the additional stress made it easier to take the “Treat Yo’self” approach to Christmas break.

This is in stark contrast to my attitude toward travel in general. Mike and I considered theme parks, at best, impractical and silly, and at worst, indulgent and wasteful. But I have to admit that we had a fantastic time. The four of us had not spent that much time together in years. I guess I could say more about the logistics and itinerary and such but for now please enjoy the photos. Thanks so much to Mom and Tito and Tita and Uncles for helping us with the trip. It was a million times better than we could have imagined.

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