2015 Christmas Card – Extended Version

2015 Christmas Card – Extended Version

Oh, dear. Now is the time of year when I write a panicked post because I promised yearlong updates in our Christmas postcard. I debated writing a whole bunch and backdating but I know I can’t fool you guys so here goes – – –

As I admitted last year, about half our card is creative license, but the best lies are those that are based in the truth.

Driving lessons

Despite the obvious trope of having a teenage driver in the house, it’s actually not so bad. When we were house-hunting a few years ago we loved the possibility of living on a lot of land in the middle of nowhere. And when I say “we” you know I really mean “Mike.” The Minis love the outdoors and they’d be totally into climbing trees and running around the woods. But we couldn’t give up the convenience of townie living and at the time there were some dui-related accidents in the outlying areas, so I was really worried about Minime having to drive in the dark, which half the year is after 5:00pm-7:00am. Yes, we are basically moles.

So Minime has been clocking in hours around town and she’s getting the hang of it. We’re not quite ready to start highway driving but almost. I don’t know how my parents survived my learning to drive. Houston was so much more congested and even adults are intimidated by the freeway system.

Mike and the bike

Yes, Mike did get a bike. No, not because of Minime’s driving. He just likes to ride. He’s on Strava for you exercise junkies.


Yes, we did indeed visit the Boston area for our first college visit. While poor Minime is anxious about this stage in her life, Mike and Minimike and I are so very excited for her. We’re trying to tamp down our excitement for Minime’s sake but it’s really difficult. So much potential and opportunity! But enough of that.

Minime and I visited the Peabody Essex Museum and trekked around Salem while Mike and Minimike went on a whalewatching tour in Boston Harbor. All of that is true.

I’d caption all the photos but it’s taken me this long to post an update that I best not fester on this any longer. Besides, as I noted in our card, I’m working full-time now and have quite the commute so my life is all about working and listening to podcasts these days. But more on that later, I hope.

Many blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

I Do Doodle