How to read our Christmas card

How to read our Christmas card

The annual updates are in the mail and I’ve added some people to the mailing list who may not quite ‘get’ our updates so here’s some need-to-knows:

Q: What the bananas?

A: I know. It’s not very updatey. If you’re expecting to be impressed by that “great new promotion” or “that awesome vacation” or “kids made honor roll,” you’ll just have to stalk us on social media or something. Or someone else’s more interesting and accomplished family.

Q: How much of it is true?

A: Maybe 80%. The stories contain some nuggets of truth.  The true part is that we’re a silly family that finds some way to laugh at all our little imperfections. Some years I do a little creative photoediting so you can’t always trust the pictures, either.

Q: You do realize le pieu is not a real phrase, in any language?

A: Yes, that phrase was launched in the inaugural card of 2001, in which I described how, despite having studied French from sixth grade to eleventh grade, when it came to speaking French in France (oops! there’s your braggy “awesome vacation/educational attainment” item) I panicked and blurted out, sodesuka  which, obviously, is not French. Thus, the le pieu list.

Q: Is there really a le pieu list?

A: I have lists for everything. You know that. The le pieu list is not real. Some years I run out of time/energy and I send out the barest minimum I think I can get away with. My Titas and Titos are exempt from the le pieu list because if they don’t get the card, they tell my mom and then I get in trouble.

So there you have it. Hopefully we haven’t gone on anyone else’s le pieu list but ya never know…

Next on idodoodle, why Minimike is dressed as a boy and Minime is dressed as a girl. Short answer, TARDIS and someone has (re)discovered fashion outside of Converse sneakers.

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