Here’s what we’ve been up to. I have a couple of drafts going on some of these but in the likelihood I never get around to finishing them I’ll just summarize them here, in no particular order:

Mike on stage

Mike (re)discovered his love for the stage. He’s always liked plays and even acted a little in high school but didn’t think he was very good so he didn’t pursue it. Last month the college needed a saxophone player for Guys and Dolls so Mike joined in and had a great time learning the music, dressing as a 40’s jazzman, and watching the production come together. He has a small role in a Shakespeare production at the college and is enjoying that as well. Our friend Jennifer has been involved in the Theatre Department for a while now so our family has been to a number of productions there.

Minime behind the scenes

Minime works on stage crew at school and went with Mike to the production meeting to look at the stage design plans and talk to the costume manager. She’s just now back in school after a nice long Spig Bek during which time she watched a lot of Scrubs and worked on her drawing.

Minimike on the scene

Minimike has also been working on drawing. Her favorite thing to draw at the moment is ponies. She’s working on a pony that has vitiligo. Without knowing it she’s become somewhat of a Vitiligo Awareness Activist and encourage other kids to accept themselves no matter what they look like.

In February Minime and I went with our friends SPony and Jane to the Sing-Off Live Tour, featuring the Season 4 winners and contestants, including the country band HomeFree, the Filipino boyband The Filharmonic, and the theatre group VoicePlay, featuring gospel singer Emoni from Ten. It was mostly repeat performances from the Sing-Off show, but so great to hear in person. Acapella is just so pure and vibrant in person, and it was a great show to take kids to. The banter was funny and family-friendly.

Laine’s scene

Jane and I went to see the Broadway tour production of American Idiot. Before the show I liked Green Day’s music but after the show I really loved it. The storyline isn’t all that tight but the songs are so passionate and beautiful. Live music, man. It’s so expensive but no recording will ever fill your soul like that.

Since Lent arrived I’ve given up most TV shows. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard because we cut our cable last June when we moved. Still, you should have seen me in the run up to Lent. The desperate binge-watching was just sad. I still watch Walking Dead because that’s Monday night for Minime, Mike, and me, and Game of Thrones for Mike and me. (Family time watching doesn’t count, haha!) Then there’s Reign, which is so fluffy and ridiculous but I love it, and it’s within my time period of study so it’s very distantly work-related except not at all.

I rented the Veronica Mars movie on Amazon Instant. I loved it, although it didn’t feel like a movie to me. It felt like two episodes, like Serenity felt like two episodes of Firefly.

I still live in fear of someone asking me “how’s the dissertation going?” but I manage to not be a complete recluse. I have a weekly outing with a couple of moms who are not in academia and we talk about elementary and middle school and crazy PTO mommies. I’ve been taking Spanish at the college. I wish I’d done this years ago because it would have made my trips to Spain and archival stuff worlds easier, but I’m learning it now and feeling pretty good about it.


Still no church.

Still haven’t sold the house.

Baby gates are still up to separate the dog and cat.

It’s March and, like every year at this time, I miss bluebonnets.

I Do Doodle