The friendly beasts

The friendly beasts

We usually keep things casual at Christmastime, but this year while I was at the pet store for dog food, I got totally sucked in by those silly infectious holiday displays. During the rest of the year Mike is ideologically opposed to dressing up the beasts but I thought that in the spirit of Christmas he might be able to stifle his usual disdain.  I was actually looking for little collars with bells but they were out, so I did fleece scarves instead.


The scarves actually worked out a little better, since they both look dressed in homage of C.S. Lewis’ Mr. Tumnus.

We were going to try for a photo together but even after three and a half months, Lady Tony Greyson Stark still does not like to be around Bella. At this point they are not friendly beasts, or even civil beasts. They are distinctly unfriendly to each other. So they each got their own individual portrait. Perhaps next year we can try for a shot where they are on the same floor.tony-christmas

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