Christmas recap

Christmas recap

Merry Christmas to all!


Christmas Breaks – breakups and breakdowns

The Saturday before Christmas I got up super early and headed for the stores, which I would have otherwise avoided if not for an irrepressible determination to stuff the stockings with Twix Santas. I don’t know why this was important, but there it is. Going through the chocolate aisle made me think of a bad breakup, many years ago, that occurred on Thanksgiving weekend. Earlier posts document my horrifically bad breakup record so I leave to your imagination the variety of missteps in my poor handling of this breakup. For a few weeks we were broken up but still talking, and he made it a regular point to tell me how he had put a lot of thought into my Christmas gift but since I broke up with him he had to send it back. It was easy, he noted, because it was only a small box, whereas the new thing he’d gotten was kind of at the last minute but he hoped I liked it anyway.

So of course there was a little pressure as to what to get him. I was not going to get caught on the short end of an exchange, and I wanted to indirectly respond to the “small box” dig. So I went to one of those chic shops in the Galleria and got one of those themed chocolate bars that corresponded with his college major. My thinking was that whatever I gave him, It would be easier if he consumed it and had nothing left to hang on to and remind him of me. I hoped that this was the kindest way to disappear from his life.

So this. This is what I was thinking about as I shopped for stocking stuffers for the kids, and it made me very grumpy to the point of, “Can we please get this dang-ol’ holiday over with, already?” Plus, I was on the hunt for Twix Santas. I scoured and scoured and finally was able to find the last lonely package of Twix Santas, misfiled amongst the Cookies and Creme Santas. Next I went to the pet store to find stocking stuffers for the beasts and was on the verge of a breakdown after twenty minutes of quite serious deliberation.

Then the best possible thing happened. I looked up and Mike was walking toward me. He was surrounded in an orb of sunlight that only gets that white when it’s streaming through a mass of wintry clouds. He was wearing his long wool coat which I have been keen to replace except that he loves it and each year wants to make it last one more season. He looked awesome. He was just getting started on his shopping for the day and I was just finishing so we went out for breakfast.

Christmas recap cap, and cat

The rest of Christmas has been a blur. We had Christmas Eve with my Pevensies – Minime, Minimike, Cav and Hawkes. They actually submitted to a group photo this year. Aren’t they all so tall? The second one is from JamCat’s phone.

Pevensies, really

The Pevensies played The Game of Life, with some added rules and allowances. I don’t know what kinds of families are recognized in the rulebook but each of the Pevensies made non-traditional families. Minimike’s couple was “Kurt and Blaine,” of course. Cav determined that if you land on one of the squares you had to give up your first-born child.

Hugs for The Grey

And since pets in Life are just pegs, the Minis brought their own. Bella had to stay in the basement for this shot because The Grey wants nothing to with her.

Pajama Day
Christmas Day was Pajama Day. The Minis opened their presents and then BFFLiz came over, also in her pajamas, and they watched Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets (extended version) and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


More updates soon. Love to you all,

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