My Little Bear, my Toto Kumakun, I love him so. When I see photos of my nephew my heart skips a beat, just as when I see photos of my minis. I never knew I could feel this way about another child, but my goodness, just look at those cheeeeks!

IMG_0553And this?





The Minis want to know if he will love them and go to them or if he will prefer his second cousins. They echo my own anxieties about whether he will love me and run to me the way own kids came a-runnin’ when their Tita and Tito came around. I think my mom understands, because she holds the phone to his ear and lets me talk to him. He used to coo in response but lately he just listens while I ask him lots of questions about his day. I don’t talk to him too long because I don’t want the cell phone waves to mutate his brain. Plus I’m sure he is eager to get back to chewing on his fist while he mulls over our discussion.


Lola Nelly says this photo reminds her of my brother and sister and I when we were little. Minime does have more than a few Tita Bing qualities. They both love music and they both want people to leave them alone, already. Minimike, on the other hand, could easily be a middle child, like me. She’s sociable, a good negotiator, and more willing to please. That’s me through and through, except for the stubbornness. I’m pretty sure she gets that from Mike….

They’ve been dreaming, literally, about a third sibling, even in knowing that Mike and I have long closed up shop. So you cannot imagine their happiness at this little miracle who can now complete the Lola triangle.

…and now Kumakun.

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      He is adorable. And, yes, he will come to them. Perhaps hesitantly at first, but he will. Little ones love their cousins! Whitley loves her cousins even though she doesn’t see any of them very often. She is looking forward to Cousin Camp. Pray for potty training!!!

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      We have a pretty relentless shy streak running through both sides of the family, unlike Ms W, who seems to fear neither man nor beast. What will work in our favor is that the Minis and I have the same voice as both Lolas and Tita B.

      Mike I have no worries about. Babies are inexplicably drawn to Mike. Refer to “Small World, Big Baby.” (

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