wide open spaces

wide open spaces

happy 13th, rêveurs!

I’ve been dreaming with my eyes wide open. We spent our winter holiday in Texas and had 750 miles of open highway to dream out loud about more space – mental, physical, and spiritual – for our family. Of course, it’s easy to romanticize Texas when December is so nice and blue. Come August, the romance would be burned away by consecutive 104 degree days. Ah, but it’s nice to dream.

Source: flickr.com via Laine on Pinterest

We returned home to several inches of snow, which was fun for the first week. Then all the snow turned to gray slush, as it does, which gives rise to Texas nostalgia. My winter go-to shoes are a pair of burgundy thrift store leather waterproof heavy soled boots, which I love for keeping me safe and warm. Not everyone is diligent about clearing their sidewalks, and most days, these boots stand between me and a mouthful of broken teeth from faceplanting on someone’s sidewalk. Or a broken tailbone, depending on what critter Bella decides she wants to lunge at while I am cruelly dragged along because her leash is wrapped so tightly around my wrist. As long as I stay alert this is highly unlikely but I can’t rule it out.

Until the sidewalks are safe, I must be content to wait before wearing these outdoors:


RRFP January 2013

Those who know me are now saying, “What. the… Are those cowboy boots?

Yes, ma’am. My first pair. Cowboy boots were not cool when I was growing up in Houston. When I was living in College Station, cowboy boots would have been totally acceptable but I never wanted any until I moved away. I have been dreaming of them. Blame it on the weekly six hours of country radio I’ve listened to on my commutes to/from school for the past six years. Blame it on Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights for making them look so darn good. Or blame it on Mike for getting hisself a pair last April and inspiring boot envy. Now, I know it’s sort of flouting the rêveur rule since they are more chocolate than black. If I were Celia Bowen I would definitely have them change to black on the thirteenth of every month. I just now peeked at them to look at the details and I would also change them to have been made in Texas, not India. India?!

the red scarf

The scarf takes no time at all to crochet. That is, I worked on it while I watched Copper on BBC America and was done by the second or third episode. See details here:

Source: yarngear.blogspot.com via Laine on Pinterest

For more on the RRFP, please visit Sappho’s Torque to view the original call to action.

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