B’s snow fun

B’s snow fun

I cannot imagine winters without Bella. For one thing, she keeps the under-my-desk-area warm, whether this service is needed or not. Sometimes I have to shoo her out from under my desk because I can’t always concentrate with my feet buried in dog fur. She never argues about it but slyly looks for an opening to get back under. Sometimes she sleeps right behind my desk chair so I have to look behind me to make sure I don’t run into her. Gradually she shimmies herself closer to the opening of the desk, which is fine, because during middle-of-the-night grading sessions it’s very nice to have the company.

Here is the “chin-over-chair” position, which I could take only by perching in my chair and hanging upside down.

chin-over-chair position

Being careful to keep my chair firmly tucked in my desk so as to not give any ground to my seemingly guileless goldie, I take a second shot. This time I capture the classic “nose-to-wheel” position.

nose-to-chair positionShe looks totally innocent, does she not? So perfectly angelically sound asleep. I figure it’s safe to get up for a second to grab a cup of coffee.


She’s fast, right? She must have moved at the speed of light to get under the desk and curl up to go to sleep but she wasn’t even breathing heavy when I got back.

The only time I have any hope of being as fast as Bella is when we’re running in the snow. As you know, we got a lovely blanket of snow for Christmas which stayed nice and soft for a few days in a row. Delightful! And such good exercise!

snow shaker

My schedule has kept me away from the park and as a result Bella and I put on a leeeettle extra weight. So we’re back up to three mornings a week at the park. It’s the best part of my day. I like to think it’s hers, too.

toy shake n shake
I am always so grateful to be Bella’s person, but even more so on days like this. For the most part the only prints in the snow have been mine and Bella’s. What’s wrong with kids these days – letting all of that beautiful snow go to waste?

rest n sparkle

During our first winter with Bella, the first time I took her in the snow, she sat by the door when we got back inside instead of running in the house and rolling on the carpet. It occurred to me that perhaps she was accustomed to someone tending to her snow-filled paws. Now I keep a small hair dryer by the door and use the low setting to melt the snow off. She seems to like it. Or maybe she just likes to wear my old robe because it makes her look like a saint.

drying off

Don’t let the face fool you. After a good nap she’ll get back to following me around sending subtle hints that I should stop working so we can go back outside and play in the snow. Temptress.

(Happy New Year, Barb & Will & Cali & cat!)

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