offline days

This year the stars aligned in such a way that if I did not take an offline day I would have had to run my car into a tree to get some bloody relief from what I can only refer to as stuff and nonsense.

wide open spaces

happy 13th, rêveurs! I’ve been dreaming with my eyes wide open. We spent our winter holiday in Texas and had 750 miles of open highway to dream out loud about more space – mental, physical, and spiritual – for our family. Of course, it’s easy to romanticize Texas when December is so nice and blue. Come August, the romance would […]

B’s snow fun

I cannot imagine winters without Bella. For one thing, she keeps the under-my-desk-area warm, whether this service is needed or not. Sometimes I have to shoo her out from under my desk because I can’t always concentrate with my feet buried in dog fur. She never argues about it but slyly looks for an opening to get back under. Sometimes […]

I Do Doodle