Did the Titanic get cable?

Did the Titanic get cable?

Minime has been on a classic movies tear lately because she had been hearing references to old movies from her friends and on TV. Of course I’m talking about such classics as Jurassic Park, ET, and Titanic. Feel old yet?

Her favorite movie last year was probably Super 8 and understands that it’s JJ Abrams’ homage to Spielberg but didn’t know what meant. Every weekend we’ve been watching another classic movie. Minime started with Jaws, which I can’t watch so I sat that one out with Minimike. Next was Jurassic Park, which Minime first saw at the tender age of three when my sister and I were watching it. It was a disaster. I didn’t send Minime out of the room because I thought, “She LUUUUUUUVS dinosaurs!” And then when the outhouse scene came up I leapt up and scrambled for the remote…too late. Set us back in potty training for a little while, but this second viewing went much better.

Tonight was Titanic. When Mike and I saw it in the theaters the film burnt right after the ship hit the iceberg. The film burnt. Try explaining that to a kid. Anyway, we ended up watching the second half about a week after we saw the first half and could give a hoot about the romantic storyline. We just wanted to see that ship sink and told the Minis they could watch it for its impressive special effects. Minimike wanted to know why the car windows got all steamed up. Umm, not THOSE special effects. Then when the iceberg hit she started weeping and couldn’t watch anymore. Minime says, “You mean there’s another HOUR to go?” But when she heard Mr. Andrews say that the ship would take an hour to sink she became intrigued about seeing the ship sink in real time. By the time the hallways were gushing with water she said, “so where are the special effects?” Mike, in all of his fatherly wisdom says, “Oh, you’ll see them when the aliens land.”

But the best part came during the scene where Jack escorts Rose to dinner. He kisses her hand and says, “I saw that at in a nickelodeon once and I always wanted to do it.” I said, “He’s talking about a moving picture machine that cost a nickel. He didn’t watch the Nickelodeon channel.” To which they said in unison, “OOOHHHH!” I imagine they were trying to figure out which Nickelodeon show that was.

As it turns out, I was slightly off as well. The nickelodeon was not the machine but the early movie theater.

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