summer bailouts

summer bailouts

bailout #1

When it comes to beating the heat I am way out of practice.

Minimike wanted to go on a bike ride. I responded that it might be too hot. She argued that the breeze created from riding would ward off the heat. I’m not one to ride around aimlessly so I suggested we go to the library downtown, not realizing that it was one of the hottest days of the year because how can 90 possibly be one of the hottest days of the year? Minimike’s face says it all:


When I took this picture we were taking a breather. It was about 3/4 of the way there but it was blazing hot and Minimike was hesitant about going the slight downward incline on the bridge because she pictured herself unable to stop and sailing right into traffic. Minimike toughed it out, though, and we got to the library all hot and sweaty and possibly smelling like the homeless people that also hang out in the public library to cool off. Fortunately, it was also library day for Jenn & Hawkes, who bailed us out with an air-conditioned ride home. Itty-bitty-city life for the win!

Bailout #2

When Minimike and I got home from the pool one evening last week I put her in the shower I was about to turn the water on when we heard a boom and the lights went out. Fortunately there was just enough daylight to prevent a full-on panic. For anyone, especially kid with anxieties about the dark, the worst place to be when the lights go out is in the shower. Am I right?

Mike was at band night so I arranged with Jenn that if the power wasn’t back on by ten we would camp out on their floor for the night to get out of the heat. Minime and I played San Juan by candlelight while Minimike worked on other projects by flashlight. At ten we packed up what we could find in the dark and headed over. The Minis were looking forward to getting to sleep in their street clothes. Hawkes and Cav were bouncing off the walls about the impromptu sleepover. Jenn said they’d overheard us on the phone and had been wishing and praying and hoping for hours.

The kids camped out on the living room floor while Mike and I slept on the sofa bed upstairs. I was expecting Minimike to wake up in the middle of the night to try to find us but either she was happy to be at the sleepover or she was afraid her moving would stir up Poppy (the two-year-old lab) into a barking frenzy. In the morning Mike and I crept out of the house at about 6:30. I had to walk Bella and he had to take the minivan to the shop. Luckily no one else was out, else they would have seen what appeared to be the most shameful walk of shame ever – a bleary-eyed 40-year old couple sneaking out with pillows tucked under their arms. eeyew. It was not to last. Jenn called to make sure 1) we came back 2) with donuts. And Cav, of his own accord, made breakfast sausage for all the kids.

So there you have it – a happy story about bailouts.

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      LOL at “the most shameful walk of shame ever”. Gold!

      …and please tell me their dog’s name isn’t REALLY “Poppy”. Of all the names! At least I’ll never meet this obviously kind folks and I’ll never have to explain why I can’t like their dog. Of course, if our paths ever did cross, maybe it would restore that nick/name for me.

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