peek and tut

After a few days they started to look like Christopher Lloyd, with white tufts of hair and their beaks agape. After a few more days they just looked bored and uncomfortable and squished. And then they were gone.

mini retreat

I don’t think they have Mike’s kinds of camps around here. I think they have them in Montana and they’re called “communes” and their folk have lots of hair and don’t recognize the federal government.

Rude Iguana

If I had an imaginary band, which I do, and I had an imaginary hit song, which I do, I think we would have performed that song for our imaginary fans at our imaginary little dive, the “Rude Iguana.”

semester over, yarn over

If this were the CSI lab you could zoom in on my reflection in bigger sackboy’s right eye and miraculously interpolate enough pixels to see that I just got back from getting a trim and blowdry.

I Do Doodle