Dream: British Sitcom

Dream: British Sitcom

I dreamed I was watching a British sitcom starring Matthew McFadyen but the scene was blue and dark like this scene from Return of the King, which I just watched a few nights ago. McFadyen’s  character was part of a group who gathered to receive a phone call announcing a baby’s birth. So McFadyen’s phone rang and he says, “mmmhmmm….I see…..” and such. And the female of the group, who was wearing a Legolas-like hood, is impatient for news and starts asking questions:

“Is he here?”

“Is he all right? What’s wrong?”

“Does he have a hat?”

“Is he in the Klan?”

And at that point I laughed myself awake. But it’s not funny at all in my waking life. Why is my sense of humor so different in the dreamworld?

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