The Christmas Village Story

“Laine, have you looked at the Lego scenes on your mantle?”
“Um, sort of. I asked the girls to build me a Christmas village. Aren’t they cute?”
“I think one of them is depicting some kind of pagan ritual.”

Dream: British Sitcom

I dreamed I was watching a British sitcom starring Matthew McFadyen but the scene was blue and dark like this scene from Return of the King, which I just watched a few nights ago. McFadyen’s  character was part of a group who gathered to receive a phone call announcing a baby’s birth. So McFadyen’s phone rang and he says, “mmmhmmm….I […]

trash or treasure

I want to clarify that my Christmas rant was not at all about cheapness. I love cheapness. I detest thoughtlessness. I am a huge fan of thrift stores, clearance racks, dollar stores, and garage sales. If one is patient these places can yield some pretty nice treasures. Alternatively, if you’re entertained by wierdness, you will love the following nuggets of […]

Dear Prudence

So from one card crafter to another, here’s to you, “Blue.” May your days be merry and bright, and may you never again have to endure the misfortune of an unappreciative friend.

I Do Doodle