Aslan vs. Bella: Which is Fiercer?

Latest from Bella the ball: We (my mom and I) haven’t posted anything in a long time. A few weeks ago, my sister and I were watching Narnia and when we looked at Bella after Aslan’s big scene, I thought they shared a few things: 1. Majestic looks. 2. Golden fur. 3. Great big mouths. 4. Fierce. 5. Lovable. So […]

Memorial Day

Mike (about three rows in on the left) and I visited the American Cemetery at Normandy in 2003. The road just outside the cemetery goes right to the beach. It’s very peaceful and beautiful and quite moving. We’d driven all day from Lille – thought it was a 2-2.5 hour drive but ended up taking 5 hours, which was more […]

‘Lost’ – arigatoo and sayonara

Okay, Lost. Being the horrifically bad breaker-upper that I am, I stayed with you for six years. After the first two great years, you became increasingly distant and cryptic. Now it’s over and we can both move on. But thank you for Jin and Sun. I could go on watching them. And Hurley. That’s all I need. And Miles. And […]

Tita Fely’s Chicken Adobo

reprint from the FB archives: As certain members [1] of the Brown Underground mocked me for posting my Chicken Adobo recipe instead of my mom’s, I have gotten my mom to CORRECT my recipe [2], which I got from Booter, who got it from a cookbook. I know. Awesome. So here it is, Mom’s commentary included. ******************************* 2 lbs cut […]

ballet lessons

A dance recital is a wonderful thing to do when Lola comes to visit. However, I don’t ever want to sit through another dance recital again. Other than the 2.5 minutes Minimike is on stage, it’s very hard to sit through. This was a full-length ballet rather than a bunch of little performances strung together. I’ve only taken one teeny […]

I Do Doodle