Mini Status Update

I do look forward to the daily hand-drawn status updates they put on these little tabletop easels. It’s not your standard, “I ate this. I bought this. My kids lay golden eggs. The other side sucks. My life is awesome.”

Grandmommy weekend

We were blessed with perfect weather this weekend, which made for smooth travels for Grandmommy (as opposed to her last visit in which she spent more time in EWR than here). On Friday night we had dinner in Pittston. We showed Grandmommy/Sandy one of the area’s many statues of Columbus (the Italian-American pantheon’s #2 guy) and the international toothpaste collection […]

snuggie mockery

I have a homemade snuggie from my MIL and I love it and defend it against the skeptics who mock it. But when a friend pointed out the similarities to a certain Southern white robe I had to look it up and sure enough, it’s on YouTube. Warning: References racist stereotypes. One profanity toward end of video. I snorted at […]

How do you spell “refrigerator”?

The Minis wanted this year’s egg hunt to be Amazing Race -ish. I made a set of letters for each of them that spelled out the location of their Easter bags. Both sets spelled out “Refridgerator.” I NOW know that that’s a misspelling. ugh. No wonder Minime was so confused. When they solved the puzzle they had to clear it […]

genius envy

I’m postilicious today. Funny how “blog day” coincides with “whole buncha other stuff due day.” How’s that for truth in advertising?

I Do Doodle