Peggy and Pete

…are NOT part of the Mad Men Barbie Collection. Too bad. They’re my favorites. The dolls come with period accessories like hats, overcoats, pearls and padded undergarments, but no cigarettes, ashtrays, martini glasses or cocktail shakers. It’s just as well. $74.95 is a little steep for me, especially since the fate of Barbie dolls in this house is a little […]

snow catch

Latest from Bella the ball: I was worried Bella wouldn’t get much exercise when we were snowed in but fortunately, bounding through great piles of snow is the best kind of exercise. (“great piles of snow” courtesy of Mike’s driveway cleaning services) This video shows about six seconds of playtime. Play it over and over about 100 times to see […]

friend, indeed

There’s a phenomena I refer to as the “butt-dial” in which one has their phone in their pocket and inadvertently puts pressure on it, which results in a phone call where the person on the other end is frantically yelling, “Hello? HELLO? Are you okay? Are you trapped?” In my case it’s “Mike, you’re sitting on your phone again!” Mike […]

I Do Doodle