No, not because of Snowmageddon. Not directly, anyway. I joined the ranks of the pre-Snowmageddon shoppers on Wednesday which was a doubly huge pain because Wednesdays are Senior Citizen Side-By-Side Shopping Day and that guarantees an extra half-hour of maneuvering. All the checkers were in a super-great mood, which is the bonus of shopping during school hours.* My checker told […]

the bun

re: “Taught Mike how to style Minimike’s hair into a bun for tonight’s ballet class. Leotard, skirt, tights, shoes ready. Fingers crossed.” 2010/02/18

Handmade Meme update

Here are some of the finished projects. I won’t say who’s getting what but I will say that if you don’t like yours feel free to send it back because I love them all.

Bella and the Attic and Basement

Latest from Bella the ball: Bella really loves the basement. She has currently started to like the attic too. She often gets trapped in the basement. Sometimes we’ll come home and there she is wagging her tail right behind the door. It is now important that we look behind us and make sure Bella isn’t going to be trapped. Just […]

I Do Doodle