It’s me, Minime.

For our Library day last week we went upda moun’in* because they have a sweet little used bookshop where the volunteers sit and do jigsaw puzzles while you browse. Minimike loves to watch them and it’s all I can do to keep her from crawling into their laps because she LOVES grandma types and doesn’t understand why I refuse to […]


[Enters kitchen singing upbeat little song about a witch queen who doesn’t deserve to be queen but should be treated like one because she is the witch queen] Guess what Mommy, a second grader complimented me today. When I told Sammie she gasped and fainted. Iz had to catch her. …followed immediately by… Mommy, if we wash dishes and hands […]

read in your head

When I took the Minis to the library Minimike was pretty wiped out and cranky so she chose her books immediately sat in a little armchair to wait for Minime, who usually takes longer anyway. A little girl sat next to Minimike, just chattering away. Normally Minimike is happy to make friends so I stayed with Minime to help her […]


Minimike was very undecided about her costume this year, so in the interest of what I thought would be a timesaver, I encouraged her to go as a scarlet macaw. I thought a bird costume would be easy but it started to look a little like a colorful war bonnet so I had her carry her stuffed puffin and made […]

I Do Doodle