truth or balogna

What’s nice about having the Minis at the same school is that occasionally we can ask one to corroborate the story of the other. However, having one kid at the top of the pecking order and one at the bottom means that Minimike lives under the expectation that she should follow Minime’s protocols. Lunchtime is one such source of epic […]

faith and sacrifice

Our sudden spike in activity level from being more involved at church has both stressed and blessed our lives in so many ways. A few weeks ago we were teaching Mark 9:40 “Whoever is not against us is for us.” I don’t know how Mike’s class with the adults went, but for the kids, especially the ones involved in competitive […]

Autumn colors

Bellaween What is Bella thinking? Why is there no dog-themed pumpkin? Why waste a perfectly good fire on pumpkins when you could be heating up hot dogs? Will these silly bows EVER come off?

I Do Doodle