For the love of dogs

About a month ago one of the two border collie siblings Grandmommy and Grandpa adopted had to be put down. Minime was overcome with sadness so this is her fond remembrance of Jacob: Minime (4 yrs) with Rachel and Jacob (8 wks?) Remembering Jacob reminded Minime of how much she misses Spenser, so here is our love for Spenser: Minime […]

crimes of fashion

favorite fashion entertainment InStyle magazine Project Runway Go Fug Yourself Joel’s blog series “The Look Is As Follows” (Joel’s blog isn’t available to the public so I’ll just re-post this hilarious sample) I am giving you “We’re not in Kansas any more”-Dorothy-got-evicted-from-the-farm-and-ended-up-in-Compton-“I’ll get you and your little dawg too”. Ghingham shirt under tan suit with raised woven pinstripes. new dress […]

What would Lolo do?

Last year Minime had to invent a Rube Goldberg machine (a machine designed to perform a simple task via a series of complex operations). She didn’t understand the assignment and was paralyzed with the anticipation of failure. Minime wanted the machine to involve a mouse and a piece of cheese, but the concept of automating it was completely lost on […]


I’ve been delaying posting because I have given myself and my colleague a One Thousand Word Challenge, which I would like to start today. But in order to do that I need to get some fluff out of my head. My first red phone consult I guess this is not so new. When I worked at the Galleries I dealt […]

I Do Doodle