dog hunt update

dog hunt update

So as you may have guessed, we adopted a golden retriever. Her name is Bella and she’s almost four. Her owners couldn’t keep her anymore because she fought constantly with the older dog in their home and they’d exhausted all of their options to stop the fighting.

I started another website ( so that her former owners, Barb and Will, could look in on Bella from time to time. Those entries will occasionally feed into this site.

The Minis are just so thrilled to pieces. Minime is especially intrigued that we adopted Bella on Memorial Day, and we’d adopted Spenser on July the Fourth. Does anyone else celebrate holidays by adopting? I don’t think so.

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      Dog adoption is probably a much less stressful (or at least less sweaty) way to spend a patriotic holiday than Freedom Fest.

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      Did you ever tell your kids your family used to name the dogs after spices?

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      Banzai – so true. I pledge allegiance to the less sweaty holiday celebrations.

      Joel – As a matter of fact, if Bella hadn’t come with a name I had already picked out the name “Chili.”

      When Minime’s was three she invented an imaginary author-illustrator, “Chili Bezamber.” Also, one of the dogs I looked at was a redhead, and of course it’s a nice shout-out to our Texas roots. Minime was not at all pleased with this plan.

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      Yep. Mitad was “Mi’tad Intrepido Monster Luza”. Her names were primarily in Spanish because we adopted her on Cinco de Mayo at the shelter’s half-price adopt-a-thon. Mitad (without the accent) in Spanish means half price. We adjusted the accent to make her name cuter. Intrepido is fearless….and she really was, up until her very last moment with us. I can tell that Sosta still misses her… do we all.

      Sosta adopted me on Labor Day weekend in 1996.

      We rescued Purrrrrl the weekend of some big Aggie football win, but you’d have to ask Emil which one.

      And, Indigo found Jenn/Scott on Thanksgiving night before he became part of our family a few days later. [And then, we had to give him away at Christmas time….and then he went missing/stolen just a few days before Columbus Day.]


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      I cam home from a trip once and discovered Jacob and Rachel for my anniversary!!

      Glad you found a dog. I guess that means Reuben has to stay in Texas! He’ll probably be happy about that.

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