dog hunt

dog hunt

For the past eight weeks I’ve been trolling Petfinder and craigslist for a new dog to join our happy family. I had no idea it would be this hard. The popular breeds, if they appear at all in the shelters, go very quickly, and many times a “golden mix” is understood to be “golden (and pit bull) mix (but mostly pit bull).” I understand that pits get a lot of media attention while goldies actually have more reported biting incidents, but when you go to the shelters and the pits are lunging for you while the goldies just kind of sit there, you start to believe the hype.

Minime’s BFF just got a dog when they weren’t even looking for one. They happened to be at the Cherry Blossom Festival where the local SPCA was having an adoption tent and they found a really nice dog and adopted her. Just like that. Our luck is such that we would have gotten the dog home and she would start destructive chewing whenever the toilet flushed, or howl all night, or would walk on a leash only if we whistled “I wanna be like you” from The Jungle Book the entire time.

Anyway, we’re not in a rush – we’re just waiting for the right one to find us, just like Spenser did.

I drafted the following post on July 15 of last year, right before Spenser ate the twistie-tie and had to have emergency surgery.

I know I’m forgetting something.

I get very depressed during Cousin Camp week. It’s too quiet and I forget to eat. I walked Spenser twice a day and that helped some. There’s a house around the corner that ALWAYS has chicken bones on their sidewalk. It’s a wrestling match to keep Spenser away from it but he usually manages to find at least one. Then he kept eating mushrooms out of people’s lawns. Gross. I’d have to take him to the vet with his perforated intestines and he’d be all high and snickering at the cats the waiting room. Embarrassing. But as it happens, I’d forgotten to fill his food bowl for the first few days Mike was gone. As soon as I did that he stopped eating mushrooms. The chicken bones are still a problem, though.

oddly prophetic. Oh, how we miss our boy.

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      Would you like to have Reuben? I know you would have to get him home to Pennsylvania. But, I’m seriously thinking that my dogs are too much for me to keep. So….let me know if Reuben or anyone of them would be something you would like to consider. Just a thought. Not a “if you don’t take him, I will hate you forever” It’s just something I’m having to think about.

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