Season Finales

Season Finales

Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the finales for Grey’s, Lost, or Bones.

First, Lost. All I can say is I’ve made a commitment to this show and you don’t just drop your commitments because they bore the bananas out of you. That being said, the most exciting part for me was trying to figure out where I’d seen that guy on the beach in the first scene before. (It’s Silas from Deadwood!)

I ran across a spoiler that said Sawyer was a goner so I was very surprised that he stayed and Juliet was not just severed in half. Even though I don’t like her, I was very glad to see that the writers didn’t go there. If she were on Deadwood we definitely would have seen some entrailage. I find both Ben and Locke evil so I could easily fast-forward through their most-evilest-contest-scenes.

The best thing that could result from the Grey’s finale is that we never ever see Izzy’s cancer doctor again. I don’t have the expertise to know if it was the writing or the acting, but I watch General Hospital occasionally and I still stumbled into the gaping chasm between Dr. Swender and the rest of the cast. What was that?

That being said, they’ve been building up the George enlisting for at least three episodes so I thought he’d go and then come back all uniformy and pretty and yummy. So my heart stopped at the right moment. Shonda Rhimes, you are killing me. And went black because they’re not going to comment on the finale. (What? Shonda, you owe me, girl! I sat through hours Izzie’s real-but-fake-hoo-hahs with Denny. I committed and now you give me the silent treatment. You’re brilliant. See you in Season 6.)
TiVo cut off Bones before the very last line so I had to catch it on Hulu this morning. I love a good twisty reunion show. I have to remember to set that extra minute because WOW! I would have gone all summer thinking everything was super.

Real Housewives of New York (bonus – speaking of reunions…)
Stupid Bravo keeps sucking me in with their reality shows. The New York Housewives amuse me so much (go Bethenny!) but this reunion show was a disaster. They need the NYC scenery and they need to not all ever be in the same room together again. It’s too undecipherable with them all talking over each other. And I have a high tolerance for people talking over each other. All Filipinas do.

And just a note, Reunion-host-guy-Andy, people shouldn’t actually verbalize “LOL.” That’s even more lazy than typing it.

After RHNY I watched a few minutes of whatever they’ve replaced Project Runway with and it’s truly amazing that they could have picked the most uncharismatic people ever to be on their show. Sorry, Isaac. I love what you do for Target but I can’t watch you be Not Tim Gunn.

So what’s on the tube for this summer? Netflix, I suppose. I’m going to make Mike watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with me. And Season 7 of MI-5. And I’ve gotten back into J-Dorama (Supaa-kawaii-let’s-enjoy-how-’bout-it-okay?).

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