dog hunt update

So as you may have guessed, we adopted a golden retriever. Her name is Bella and she’s almost four. Her owners couldn’t keep her anymore because she fought constantly with the older dog in their home and they’d exhausted all of their options to stop the fighting. I started another website ( so that her former owners, Barb and Will, […]

first morning

On our first morning with Bella the girls wanted to stay home from school and play but I assured them that BElla would be there to greet them when they got home.

dog hunt

For the past eight weeks I’ve been trolling Petfinder and craigslist for a new dog to join our happy family. I had no idea it would be this hard. The popular breeds, if they appear at all in the shelters, go very quickly, and many times a “golden mix” is understood to be “golden (and pit bull) mix (but mostly […]

diaper cake

My friend/roomie from school this past year is pregnant with her first kiddo, due at the end of May. It’s been so amazing watching her deal with school and commuting and stressing over her clothes not fitting. (“amateur!” I sniff. “Until you’re resorting to Men’s XXL sweats I’d say you’re doing okay.”) I thought it would be a mess trying […]

flip the force, toto

So, apparently, Eddy’s friends send him* videos and photos and news items of weird Filipino things, this being his latest: Now, I’m not saying his fascination for crazy-Filipino-antics doesn’t make good Facebook fodder, but really? Can we not keep my family out of it? (sorry, frankaren – blame the Eddy & Janel. Their siblinghood likes whupping up on our siblinghood) […]

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