even the most articulate speakers stumble

I don’t think that your Fat-Free Half and Half is giving you the benefits that you think it is. It took Mike exactly three seconds to realize that this observation did not mean what he thought it meant.* oops *…apparently, FF 1/2&1/2 is mostly fructose corn syrup, not magic

C25K Soundtracks

Lori and I have both recently been introduced to the Couch-to-5K running program and have been comparing soundtracks. Hers is djsteveboy.com and mine is from my own collection. If I ever make it past the first week (it’s nine weeks) I’ll post my other soundtracks. For now the 60-second/90-second format is just perfect. (For the warm-up and cooldown I just […]

bus tales

The best part of my day with Minimike is meeting her at the bus after school. This brief moment is when she gives me the most insight into her life, because she usually makes some sort of proclamation as she jumps off the bottom step. Pay it forward A fourth-grader knocked me down so he could get to his bus […]

I Do Doodle