mawidge is what brings us together

Congrats Steven & Stacey! What a fantastic trip. We were not only blessed with a beautiful wedding, but beautiful weather and wonderful times with family and friends. My College Station nostalgia was in overdrive, especially with the huge patches of bluebonnets along the highways. My best-of-photos are up. Click on Mike’s nose to follow the link to the official photos.* […]


Back by popular demand, I present the latest Minimikeisms. Vocabulary: The camera’s memory card is called the: remembery. Humans and dogs are alike in that they are both: manimals! If you grab things without asking nicely, you are a: snatcher snatcher pants on fire.

Valedictorian of cops-and-robbers

This article on a Yale study, “Kids need time to play…”* reminded me of sitting in the waiting room while Minime was at music lessons. Another mother was lamenting (or bragging, or both) about how her child had some activity every day but Thursday – church, sports, music, scouts. Thursdays are study nights because tests are on Fridays. My head […]


The other day, I was crazily scouring the library catalog terminal, hoping that in the next five minutes before class I’d find the miracle book that would lead to my dissertation. I was so tense I jumped and about fell off my stool when I heard, “Laine?” Oh, happy day! It’s not the Reaper. It’s just Carmella, wearing her “communist […]

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