It’s been a while since I’ve written about Minime, and I imagine as she gets older I will write even less, I suppose. She’s just the more challenging kid to write about because parenting her has recently become exponentially more dramatic. I can’t say more without breaching her confidence, but I’ve had to work at praying more specifically, sleeping more […]

where it’s at

As I was waking up the girls this morning I was singing, “two turntables and a microphone.” (They’ve got it so easy. I used to wake up to my mother playing “Two Guitars” on the piano.) Mike, our resident deejay, immediately called it up on Rhapsody and before you know it they were getting dressed and putting on ponytails while […]

no do overs

Whoever started the tagless clothes movement – call me – I ♥ you. If only you had started this years ago when Minimike was a baby. I dreamed I cut off a tag off one of my shirts and regretted it instantly, like the little kid who cut off her own bangs and frantically tried to stick them back on […]

I Do Doodle