Just because…

This has been a very slow year for posts I have a penchant for the handmade I’m avoiding that crazy 25 random things Facebook thing This is more fun than knocking out my upcoming assignments It’s day two of the Valley-Snow-Day-A-Thon and tomorrow is a half day, thankyouverymuch At last count, idodoodle had exactly seven readers As the Minis have […]

Chinese doughnuts

I found these on Design Sponge (designspongeonline.com) under the more politically correct name, “Donut Holes” but around here they’re known as Chinese doughnuts because the Minis always go for them at the Chinese restaurants. The original recipe is on design sponge but this is the way I make them. Makes 20 donut holes One canister of buttermilk biscuit dough (10-count) […]

Mo’ Better

This story is a little redundant for fellow Facebookers but since Frank isn’t stupid enough to get sucked into FB I’m reposting an extended version. Nobody gets me laughing to the point of incontinence like Frank and Joel, so this is for them.

How YOU doin’?

Researching images of Jesus as an infant will have to go on my ever-growing list of “someday projects.” I came across this painting last semester and promised the Van Loc lunch bunch I’d post it because it is the coolest Baby Jesus ever.

Happy NuuNuu!

Thanks to Jennifer, who provided Minimike with the Party Status Tiara, which Minimike promptly set to “Call Me a Cab” (click on picture to enlarge inset). I should clarify that Minimike was not too inebriated to drive home on New Year’s Eve, she just really likes taxis. The New York kind, natch. She’s like our own little Sarah Jessica Parker.

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