stupid questions

Yes, Virginia, there is such thing as a stupid question. My class meets for four hours a week – three hours of lecture and one of discussion. One of my students has attended maybe 5 hours total, all semester. Occasionally I’ll get an e-mail from said student apologizing for their absence and saying how important it is that they pass […]


My favorite part of Christmas is the ornaments. The themed, perfectly coordinated trees on display in stores are gorgeous but incomparable to scrapbook trees we see in real life. So, in homage to ornaments, and as a shout-out to Lori, a regular attendee of our Annual Little Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange (1999-2004), I present this first of a series […]

there’s no crying in baseball

That’s my favorite line from A League of Their Own. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with tears. I don’t know what it is. I think maybe I’m an awkward hugger. We were not raised to hug. Or cry. I was going to expound on crying and but I rediscovered this post which explains. I don’t remember why I […]

border control

Advice, please? I don’t know what grade to give a paper that mentions, in passing, that Latin Americans desecrated Hagia Sophia when they captured Constantinople in the 13th century. I can’t even get to the remaining three pages, so mired am I in bewilderment. My question is: why didn’t the Byzantines just erect a really imposing chain link fence along […]

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