I do need air

Tastes like burning Every time I think about posting something, the anxiety causes my torso to collapse. But, at the moment, I’m stuck between writing my next paper and grading my students’ papers. Wednesday’s byzantiporn presentation tasted like burning* so I have more work to do on it. For next week I have to figure out how to coherently present […]

Trick or Treat

Every year I vow that this is the last year I’m making the Halloween costumes but I can’t do it. I can’t send my children out into the world in some acetatepolynylonmelamineurethane import. Not when our homemade creations give me such joy. (If you think Halloween is just for kids, you’re obviously not from The Valley.)


“Homegoing” is the word that Sandy uses in her update on Robert. Many years ago I wrote Romans 8:26 on the back of a card and taped it to my computer monitor at work. It helps me to know that even when we are too unspeakably sad to pray, God’s love is ever working in our lives. I consider that […]

I Do Doodle