in sickness and in health

The Minis both have colds this week, so Mike and I are trying to stay as far away as possible from the little Petri Dishes. But, no. They turn up their little suffering Petri Dish faces at us, all clogged up and/or runny, and the parental instinct kicks in, because all those aches and pains call for extra special treatment. […]

Loves Chachi?

Nope, different Joan. I love AMC’s Mad Men. It’s crazy good. So thanks to Allie for pointing me to this quiz. Ouch! I’m a little embarrassed to admit the results. Poor Mini’s! Mike will have to save them from Mommie Dearest! Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz… You […]

goodies from the little kitchen

Our church has family-hosted fellowships following the Sunday service. When our family took a turn we baked some old and new favorites: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies Sour Cream Coffee Cake ChocoVanilla Rice Krispie Squares

minibreak canadienne

We’re back from a beautiful weekend in MontrĂ©al. The Mini’s were very excited to be in a foreign country for the very first time and set out to discover the foreignness.* Here’s what we learned: Minimike’s Canada Canada smells good Canada doesn’t use straws Everyone in Canada is nice The “Thousand Islands Skydeck” is French for “Canada Tower” Canadian churches […]

on my list

I hope A Thousand Years of Good Prayers comes to a theater near me. It takes three thousand years of prayers to place your head side by side with your loved ones on the pillow. For father and daughter? A thousand years, maybe. – Chinese Proverb (supposedly – I can’t verify it) A clip of the movie is after the […]

Grown-up’s Anxiety Dream

For the last fifteen years I’ve had a recurring anxiety dream about having to take an exam for a class I hadn’t realized was on my schedule until the day of the final. Last night I dreamed I was so busy on election day that I didn’t have time to vote. I feel so grown up.


Dearest friends and family, Words can’t express how much our marriage been richly blessed by your love and friendship and prayers over the years. Thanks. Love, Mike & Laine

cheeky monkeys

This post isn’t really about monkeys, which you probably know already, given my irrational monkeyphobia.* It is about my first foray into face painting. I thought to myself, “Self, why are you wasting time in school when this bright new career beckons?” But enough words. The face painting gig was actually part of our church’s annual Fall Fair. I was […]

I Do Doodle