miniconversations – smell and baldness

And the preoccupation with the way Mommy smells continues …as if I don’t already have enough issues. As I got into the car yesterday, Minime took a deep breath and said, Mommy brought a good smell in with her. Understandable. When I was little I loved the smell of Mommy-going-out. Aerosol hairspray, Coty loose face powder, Avon lipstick. That’s what […]


Booter & Co. visited Houston this summer but our trips did not overlap. Quel dommage! I would have enjoyed the nostalgia overload brought on by their trek across the UH campus. …I should also add that, while I have many fond memories of UH campus, it has particular meaning for Booter because UH is where he first realized that he […]

miniconversations – you smell

What did I smell like before? Said Minimike to me, Mommy, you smell as good as new. Batman Schmatman As Minime and I were looking for her glasses, Minimike exclaimed, “I know! I’ll get them!” and took off running. Minime grinned at me, saying That’s her hero run. She runs like that* when she’s off to save the day. Minimikus […]

subliminal outrage

unconscionable that a culture would showcase a beautiful face over a beautiful voice *spits on ground* could we just get over ourselves a little? On a happier note, we have been enjoying the performances of Michael Phelps, Jonathan Horton, Alexander Artemev, Shawn Johnson, and Nastia Liukin. Our family is praying for China during the Olympics, that the presence of Christians […]


In another life I might have liked formal art training and attempted to make a career of it but as it is I’m just a doodler, which up until recently was enough to impress the Mini’s. When we first moved here we had our celebratory end-of-three-day-drive meal at TGIFriday’s. The server gave us 2″x3″ etch-a-sketches to play with while we […]

sparkly smile

After only four days, Minime is starting to get used to her braces. Her name means “sparkly” so now she has a smile to match. She’ll wear them for two years and hopefully be done by the time she starts middle school. I’m worried she’s not eating enough. For eight years we coaxed and cajoled her to eat until finally […]

I Do Doodle