test kid

When Mike and I first got married one of his friends bet him that within a year we’d have either a pet or a kid. We got Spenser on July 4, nine months into our marriage. He was spoiled and babied until we got our real kids, then he went from “test kid” to “family dog.” The transition was hard, […]

What would Juno do?

[rate 4] I did not expect to like Juno as much as I did. I expected it to be crude in the style of Knocked Up and I expected to be embarrassed to be laughing at gags such as two yahoos explaining how they got pink eye. Instead of overwhelming crudeness, Juno tells a simple story using sincere language and […]

trek in the city

(backdated – I’m trying to finish a bunch of false-start-posts from the last month or so) Independent on Independence Day I celebrated my independence from the kids by visiting a grad school classmate whom I hadn’t seen in 13(!) years in NYC. I drove there by myself for the first time and it was too easy. The holiday weekend certainly […]

I Do Doodle