Where ya been?

Where ya been?

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of delicious days where I didn’t feel pressured to fire up the laptop at 5am.

Time to recharge…

School is done. Yearbook is done. It’s hot. Time to jump in the pool.

Mike has been buffing up like crazy lately – he walks to work every day and has been working out during his lunch hours.

It’s motivated me to get moving as well, so I’ve been swimming and walking as much as possible. It didn’t start getting hot until last weekend. 90’s hot. I know, Texas people, before you shoot me. Don’t even say it.

Minime’s last day of school was Friday. She had a half day so the Mini’s had lunch with Mike while I swam at the campus rec and then we went to the movies to mooch off their aircon. (Do only Filipinos call it that?)

…but it’s so hot here…

Saturday we all went to the pool after Minime’s softball game, which they cut short because it was so hot. Mike had to leave after fifteen minutes because every time he moved his much-too-large swim shorts would start to fall down.

He got new shorts yesterday and took the girls to the pool yesterday. We’re hitting the pool again in about 45 minutes because…

…you guessed it. It’s very hot here.

And Minime is going to take the swim test to go into the deep end of the pool. (Yikes! How exciting!)

…so we’re sending the kids somewhere even hotter…

Tomorrow we’re packing for the Mini’s to spend a month being completely spoiled and indulged by the grandparents.

I’ve already got their travel outfits! This is a huge ritual for me because I always dress them in identical outfits when we travel, just in case I lose one child I have the other as a sample to show the security guard. And if I lose them both, people are more likely to have noticed them wandering off with someone if they’re dressed alike. That’s the theory, anyway. I’ve never had to test it, Thank God.

…while we tear apart our kitchen.

While the Mini’s are gone Mike and I are going to replace the unfortunate DIY shiny black bathroom tile of the kitchen counters. By all accounts this should be really hard to do badly but if that were true our current kitchen counters would not be falling apart now.

We have a long list of projects to take care of this summer, but for now, we shall enjoy the pool and the brief breather.

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      Midland, Texas….Last week was up to 107. I am so glad that I will be back in Bryan to stay for awhile. It is actually cooler there!! This place is very windy and dry along with HOT.

      I am so excited about Cousin Camp. I actually get to attend EVERY DAY this year!!

      Kings is bouncing my email to Mike, so he’s going to have to get updates from you or my blog. I’ll try to remember to send him anything pre-Cousin Camp through my work email.

      Love you

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      We’re redoing our kitchen too, except we’re doing all of it! Ryan’s already torn out the ceiling, which is now covered by garbage bags duct-taped to the support beams (just in case the paint flaking off is lead-based…). It is good, good times. Especially with the heat.
      We’re there with you! 🙂

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      “It didn’t start getting hot until last weekend. 90’s hot.”

      Last weekend? Only???

      You’ve been in the north WAAAAAY too long!!!

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Yes, last week it was hot here too – 90 – and REALLY humid. Lisa was here visiting and every time I would apologize for the heat she would say, “It just feels so pleasant.” I have definitely gotten spoiled.

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